Additions to Jeni’s picks of the week April15-20, 2014

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Wednesday April 16

Trout Lake Community 3360 Victoria 7p.m. No cover
Highrise Lonesome
As part of the ‘Concerts on the Bow’ series in the main lobby. Sitting in with Sue Malcolm and the band will be a very special guest, astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Sylvia Hotel 1154 Gilford St 8p.m. No cover
Kentish Steele
Kentish Steele, vocals, Michael Aiyoshi, guitar and backup vocals, Rob Blackburn, keys and vocals, Terry Williams, drums and vocals, Cameron Hood, bass, Andrew Davies, Sax

Friday April 18

Charqui Grill 1955 Cornwall St 8p.m. No cover
Tony Wilson Trio
Tony Wilson-guitar, Paul Blaney-bass, Skye Brooks-drums
Everything from the Beatles to Charles Mingus and beyond.

Saturday April 19

Fairview Pub 898 W. Broadway 4.30p.m. $6
Green Machine (Saturday Afternoon Dance)
Doug Louie-keys, Dennis Green-guitar/vocals, Jerry Cook-sax, Cameron Hood-bass, Amos Resnick-drums and guest vocalist -Michael Vincent . R&B/soul.