Jeni’s Picks of the Week May 17, 2016 onwards…

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Hello Picks People.. I had high hopes of compiling a picks of the week list for you this week but I am consumed with preparations for renovations happening next week in my place which necessitate me moving everything (including myself) out of my apartment and back in again!. I have TOO MUCH STUFF! Trying to seize the opportunity to downsize but it is a slow process.

Wish me luck! Chaos is not my thing.

I should be back in my place around June 3/4 and my picks should resume the following week. Till then I expect you can keep yourselves entertained. There is so much great music, theatre, movies and art going on at this time of the year. And Jazz Festival coming up June 24-July 3. Yeah! Start planning now as some events are already sold out










Take care everyone.  Jeni

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  1. Best of luck with your renos! Will look forward to seeing your picks again when it’s done.

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