Update November 20… 1789 closed and gigs cancelled

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Hello all… apparently the doors of 1789 are locked and the venue closed. Obviously this means that the two gigs I had listed this week are cancelled. Soultrax on Fri Nov 21 and Black Gardenia on Nov 22. If either of them are rescheduled I will let you know.

In the meantime, and I meant to include this on my list, how about going to one of the great films at the 17th Annual EU Film Festival… Europe without the jet lag.

Nov 21-Dec 6
The Cinematheque’s annual European Union Film Festival spotlights acclaimed new and recent films from across greater Europe. Presented in partnership with the Embassies and Consulates of the European Union’s member states, our 2014 festival includes entries from 27 of the 28 EU countries (Malta is the exception). Each member has carte blanche to select the film that will represent it, making for a dynamic showcase of contemporary European cinema that impresses as much with its diversity as with its accomplishment. International festival favourites abound, but so too do major hometown hits not yet widely seen abroad.

Have a great weekend.