Update to Jeni’s Picks Sep 23-28, 2014

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I will be away for 4 days so I may not get time to compile any picks until late week next week (Oct 2 hopefully). In the meantime here is an addition for Friday, a reminder about Monday, and an event at the Cultch recommended by several pick’s people…

Fri Sep 26

Cottage Bistro 4470 Main St 8p.m. Donation
The Soda Crackers
Join Sue Malcolm and her new band (with Stu MacDonald-bass & Don Fraser-guitar) for an evening of songs from all over the musical map-country, swing, pop, jazz, originals and even a little bluegrass.

Mon Sep 29

The Lido 518 East Broadway 9p.m. No cover
Sick Boss
The Big Boss -Cole Schmidt – Guitar, James Meger – Bass, Dan Gaucher – Drums with
Peggy Lee – Cello, Jeremy Page – Clarinets, Tyson Naylor – Accordion & Debra Jean Creelman – Vocals

Also recommended…

The Cultch 1895 Venables St Sept 23-Oct 12
The Daisy Theatre
Back by popular demand after a completely sold out 2013 run. The Georgia Straight called it “one of the best shows you’ll ever see. This season’s Daisy Theatre features new variety acts and characters in addition to existing favourites. Each performance is different, daring, ridiculous and on the edge of the hands of renowned p;upsetter provocateur Ronnie Burkett and the resident company of over 30 marionettes.