Update to Jeni’s Picks Week of September 15-22, 2014

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Hello all…

Sunday Sep 21 at 1789, 1789 Comox St it is The Teun Schutt Trio (and NOT Kathryn Penfold)
Teun Schutt-guitar, Buff Allen-drums, Rob Bailey-bass

Thursday Sep 18 and Friday Sep 19 there will be tickets at Pyatt Hall door at 7.30p.m. for the George Cables Trio. The website and poster show Adam Thomas on bass but an update from Cory Weeds states it is Chuck Dearhorf. It will be a great show with either of them!

Thursday Sep 18 at the Libra Room 1608 Commercial Drive at 9.30p.m. Debra Jean Creelman will be singing. Debra-voice, Noah Walker-guitar, Jeremy Holmes-bass.
Monday Sep 22 she will be joining Sick Boss at the Lido 518 E. Broadway at 9p.m.
Debra-voice, Cole Schmidt-guitar, James Meger-bass, Dan Gaucher-drums

Enjoy a good weekend everyone.